We are a community garden charity situated in the heart of St Anns in Nottingham. For nearly 25 years, we have opened our garden gates within the St Anns allotments, and welcomed our local community to take part in a range of opportunities and activities including organic gardening, green build, permaculture, seasonal garden cooking and campfire cooking, eco-craft and willow basketry, wildlife conservation and art.

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Spanning over 10 large allotment plots, our site has the following features:

A large straw-bale building with green roof and wood-burning stove – which includes our garden kitchen, area for basket weaving and comfortable seating and eating spaces.

Polytunnel – for growing all year round, even when the weathers bad.

Victorian outbuildings and glass house – for propagating and growing

Mature orchard – with a range of delicious apple, pears and plums, great for apple pressing, cooking and simply picking and eating straight from the tree

Willow arches and willow growing – wonderful shade in summer and a great crop to support our basketry workshops

Growing plots and raised growing areas – where we grow a wide range of edibles including some rare and tasty varieties of fruits and vegetables

Wildlife habitats – with garden ponds, wildflowers, grass and wooded areas, each season our gardens thrive with wildlife flora and fauna

Outdoor eco-compost toilet with green roof – clean, green and accessible

Lawns and view points – with a wonderful high position of the city, we have many places to relax, unwind and enjoy

Pathways and trails – our garden has a number of heritage features and pathways to help you discover different spaces and characteristics of the gardens

We are very proud of our principles to support and enable our diverse community to take part in and benefit from connecting with the natural world and we particularly take great effort to support adults who may need help to improve their health, well-being and happiness. We work in partnership with community organisations and health professionals to make our project as accessible and rewarding as possible.

Our project is run by a fantastic team of staff and volunteers. With our current funding we are delighted to be open every week to deliver our LightBulb Project and Dig and Dinner project.

Ecoworks is grateful for the support of:
National Lottery Community fund, JN Derbyshire Trust, NHS GreenSpace Social Prescribing, Wheatcroft fund, Lady Hind Trust and Jones Trust

National Lottery Community Fund