Light Bulb Studio

Every Tuesday 10am-4pm

Light Bulb Studio is our brand new project aiming to turn an unusable building on the gardens (previously known as Eric’s Shed) into a community art studio surrounded by wildlife and ecology.

Over the course of a year the Light Bulb Studio project will be taking place on the gardens every Tuesday, using eco-design techniques, off-grid technologies, sustainable methods and traditional craft skills, to produce a creative space that we hope will be of great benefit to vulnerable people and the local community.

The project will be led by our team of experts with volunteers who can drop-in every Tuesday from 10am to get involved with the project. Our workshops will include sessions in timber frame building, green roof installation, rendering, path creation, raised beds, habitat creation and sustainable technologies.

Free minibus pickup is available to help those with limited funds or mobility.

Please get in touch via, 07811 158297 or Facebook if you’d like to know more. Or simply drop-in any Tuesday from 10am.

This project is supported by the Postcode Local Trust